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who run it (freestyle) – paroles ​cupcakke

shout out to stormcutter, three 6 mafia, g herbo
i wrote this sh-t in four f-cking hours
no sleep, man

let me talk my sh-t real quick, all the real n-gg-s gon’ feel this
how that [?] kid but he ain’t got bills, can’t find you in family pics
food stamps, they go so quick when you up in a family of six
so it’s funny how they sell that sh-t for a little pack of weed and a new pair of kicks
man, i’m so dead, i can’t, inside i feel so blank
little girls on twitter talkin’ ’bout they break up [?] sit back on paint
if i’m allowed, no complaints, none of these judges saints
let the black beat her, that’s 10 years, but if wifebeater [?]
it’s so ridiculous, ain’t sh-t funny, ain’t ticklish
don’t touch me if i’m with the sh-ts, end up in a cage, no nicholas
everything about me is interesting, i’ma need more and more benjamins
[?] can’t breathe, stop smoking them trees, got your insides looking like christmas
ungrateful hoes, get the f-ck out of here, you had a rough day and i had a rough year
so when i get money i really do care, go and invest it, not spending on gear
think about that, just stating facts, n-gg-s don’t chart when it’s real rap
earn my respect then you get it right back, that go hand in hand ain’t talkin’ ’bout dab
a lot of issues in my past still hurt me to this day, to the core
i don’t ever open up ’cause i know people change like the [?]
over 100k up on tour, still got a mindset like i’m poor
but i’m on the roll when it come to rappin’ like a pack of aluminum foil
man, i love walking bare foot, i really like the feel when i’m at the bottom
’cause i know it’s only for a couple of seconds, then i’m right back to my stardom
motherf-ckers ain’t woke, man, i gotta f-ck around and [?] ’em
i’m woke all day, 3am, when [?] state farm ’em
okay, lil b-tch, act like you know, anything i say is right like nose
walk right over there, hoe, like roach, and it’s over for these hoes, no dose
walk in that b-tch with a white t [?], really like me but you know how that goes
walk out that b-tch you would think i’m little red riding hood, how i got blood on my clothes
let’s not paint that picture, if i shoot, won’t miss ya
anything prior to this won’t matter, man, i’m just tryna get richer
ya’ll ain’t [?] with your prior, ya’ll brain flat, no tire
now everybody tryna hang like a f-cking dirty diaper
they like “follow me for a follow back,” b-tch you follow me, then you getting smacked
i enter sh-t but i don’t interact, never sucked up, i drink similac
shorty bluffin’, ain’t got nothin’ in her pocket but a f-cking cigarette
ain’t talkin’ no m-ssage when i say i’m ’bout to hit the b-tch in the back
i’m always so prepared, i don’t flinch, that’s rare
them boys singing in walmart, i won’t move ’cause i’m never scared
just know i ain’t playing fair, i want a big wheel, no chair
so it’s hard getting to the top, but it’s easy going down like the stairs

# %e2%80%8bcupcakke

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