warning – paroles jet 2


[verse 1]
it’s mr. lyrical -ssault
presidential n-gg-, they be at my dinner throwing salt
like angelina jolie, but i go right with that like pepper
who’s your girl, where’s your main? pipe in that forever
it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it
’cause n-gg-s will get the wrong perception of what you say
how you say it
i let the beat build like kernels, kettles, and cake mix
hooked in the water, but i’m farthest from debated
i’m so closest to the bottom, could’ve swore i was the bas-m-nt
like rap city and tigger, bet me, i’mma make it
i’m so david to goliath, but i’m a giant to david
only shot he slinging at me is a f-ckin’ mixtape, n-gg-
flow so shocking, could’ve swore i had a taser tongue
from the way i spit like i got dipped in an aquarium
i’m so out of this world like planetariums
rapping like a veteran, but i’m very young, n-gg-

seems you give it all up just to be the boss
gotta sit and think is it really worth the cost
you better be thankful when sh-t goes good
’cause you really better off not getting involved
in the middle of your mind when you trapped in your thoughts
and them bad ones chase you, better never get caught
you better be grateful when sh-t goes good
’cause you really better off not getting involved at all

[verse 2]

# jet 2

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