up – paroles ogkoshi


{verse: koshi]

look at how these cuban diamonds dance
vvs’ got you in a trance
i’m just tryna run up all these bands
we just got a clip we made em dance

need some ice up on my wrist just like a skater
and we chasin’ h-lla bags you’d think we playin’ for the lakers
money maker, better watch out for yo b-tch before i take her
we ain’t faders we pull up and wet yo block like we some tankers aye

2 paid, 2 paid, need a new k
new babe, new fade, n-gg- new wave
new lane, no lames, n-gg- too fake
new stu, same crew, n-gg- new ways


{verse: mcm raymond]

# ogkoshi

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