the game of hide and seek – paroles slingshot miracle


there is the central self
you can call it god
you can call it anything you like

and it’s playing the game of hide and seek with itself

it gets lost
it gets involved in the farest out adventures
but, in the end, it always wakes up and comes back to itself
when you’re ready to wake up,
you’re going to wake up

who are you?
somehow, the very fact that you exist
is an affront

you won’t wake up
until you feel you’ve paid a price for it
do you define yourself
as a victim of the world
or as the world?
and you can say, “poor little me”

who are you?
i am that i am
i am responsible – for this life
whether comedy or tragedy – i did it

nothing is left to you at that moment
but to have a good laugh

# slingshot miracle

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