i am – paroles tulku

i am the incomprehensible silence
and the memory that will not be forgotten
i am the voice whose sound is everywhere
and the speech that appears in many forms
i am the utterance of my own name

(the sound is everywhere)

i am the hearing in everyone’s ears
i am the speech which cannot be heard
i am the mute who is speechless
great are the mult-tudes of my words

hear me in softness and learn me in roughness
i am she who cries out
and i am cast forth upon the face of the earth
i prepare the bread in my mind within
i am called truth

i am the one whom you have reflected upon
and the one you have scorned
i am unlearned, and from me all people learn
i am the one from whom you have hidden
and the one to whom you reveal yourself
yet wherever you hide, i appear
and wherever you wish to reveal yourself
there i will vanish

for i am the first and the last
i am the honoured one and the scorned
i am the wh-r- and the holy one
i am the bride and the bridegroom
and my husband is my father
i am the mother of my father
the sister of my husband
my husband is my child
my offspring are my own birth
the source of my power
what happens to me is their wish

give heed, give heed
give heed, then, you hearers
and you also, angels
and those who have been sent
due spirits, risen now from the dead
i am the one who alone exists
there is no one to judge me
for though there is much sweetness in p-ssionate life
in transient pleasure
finally, sanity
sanity comes
and people flee to their place of rest
there they will find me
to live and never to die again

# tulku

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