flourished by hate – paroles flouri$h4te

[verse 1: hanged man]
flourished by hatred
still alive
still breathe
spitting on graves and in ya’ face
lyin on floor must stops now
im still scream and catch breath
while my
lungs smoken
promises broken
liver drunken
deviant can never die
f-ck you cheaters and traitors
stabs ain’t leave any scars
time to borrow you into ground
misogony and empathy
agony without a simpathy
democracy makes me more apathy
violently drowning under they bridge
emanc-p-ted by the hatred
cult tha maded for no one
only for them and crushing down our hopes
open necromonicon and call the names
tied rope on the neck by tongues
count spirit and broke your bones
no saint in these catacombs
inside these only rivers of blood
from my wrists
earth don’t plan to stop, no matter how many blood
our deviant moves gives
liberty from those c-cksuckin’
politicans, religions and they
legion of stupid childrens!
they won’t take this crown
they won’t take this crown
they won’t take this f-cking crown

[verse 2: flowed hu$tle]
soul costs like in a babylon
you sold out by the devil cost
loneless is constant (constant), hate breakout
sleeve whole in blood
all deals makes me fade down
maniacs show they scars
i freak out by the smell of flesh
fresh blood on the knives
waves of panic attacks
i’m slaved by chains of these punks
you just a f-ckin’ sc-m
coming riot right into heart
like a rogue at crawling lane
leaving only blood of innocent
now all these magic circles came wrong
i can hear how yours chains broke
seen how officers broke your bones
slave and misfit of this system
sucking d-cks cults
cultures of sickness
monument for regime of wickness
wicked moment like in the salem
we won’t be silent anymore
no more sick ollies right in innominate graves

# flourih4te

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