ain’t shit – paroles rickystackz

intro :
yeah , yeah .. uh.. no more favors, n-gg-

(ricky) :
they want that g sh-t ? they want that bmb sh-t ? aye, well ima give it to em..

(woman) : martel, can you do me a favor? .. i’m not doing favors right now… no more favors

verse 1 :
now, i ain’t sayin that i’m perfect but i know that i’m worth it
had to cut some hoes off & let em know that i’m working
i been stacking like a b-tch , while yo pockets been hurtin
better get cha lil b-tch , she in my dms big flirtin
you can’t throw me off my grind, cause i’m young & determined
can’t f-ck wit these hoes because … all of em burnin (all of em burnin)
and f-ck them other n-gg-s man they did me so dirty
teacher said i wasn’t sh-t cause a n-gg- wasn’t learning but ummmm

hook :
f-ck that lame sh-t
no more on that same sh-t
had to cut some n-gg-s off & had to make a lane switch
try me if you want but babyboy yeah , we aim sh-t
they say we ain’t sh-t yeah , they say we ain’t sh-t
they say i ain’t sh-t , yeah they say i ain’t sh-t x2
(they say i ain’t sh-t yeah , yeah , yeah)
you can try me if you want but babygirl yeah i ain’t sh-t

verse 2 :
i heard i was a flexin -ss, stuntin -ss, cruel -ss n-gg-
the girls around the way say im a rude -ss n-gg-
but i ain’t worried bout you b-tches i’m just worried bout figures
cause the money only thing that’s real louder than you n-gg-s
to keep it real, i can’t even walk around wit you n-gg-s
yo own momma wouldn’t even say that she proud of you n-gg-s
it’s off season ; still ballin, old b-tch she still callin
fresh to death ; you’ll think a n-gg- woke up out the coffin
you can call it what you call it , i see she still callin
talkin bout i needa “come over & see her often
facetime wit my main b-tch while the other suckin dixk
she looked over at the phone & said “yeah , boyy you ain’t sh-t !”


# rickystackz

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